Q4 2020 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held via Google Meet on Tuesday, December 22 at 7:30PM.

Present were Sara, Matt, Craig, Katie, Amelia, Richard, Marc, and a special guest appearance by Karyn.

Officer Reports

  • Seneschal – first meeting as Seneschal. Some loss of membership in the last update, somewhat expected due to COVID-19 nonsense. Reports were filed on time.
  • Chatelaine – no news.
  • Exchequer – no change in accounts.
  • MOAS – reports filed on time, special mention of Drustan for becoming the chatelaine of the East Kingdom College of Performers.
  • Webminister – no change, reminder of upcoming Kingdom maintenance window.

General reminder to keep a look out ahead as we look at an eventual return to in-person events. Looking for an action plan for our Q1 2021 meeting.

Matthias mentioned that he’s still waiting for a firm plan of action for his elevation but would like to include as many of the shire members as is possible.

Without any further business, meeting adjourned at 8:15PM.

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