September 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Norðfjǫrðr held its September Business Meeting on Wednesday, September 26th at the Cityline Restaurant in New City, NY.  The meeting convened at 8:00PM with the following members attending: Karyn (Senechal), Amelia (Exchequer), Richard (Chatelaine), Matt J. (Webminister), Sara (MOAS), Stacey, Marc, Craig, Katie, Francesca, Maria, and Matt G.  Alienor, the Ostgardr Seneschal, was also in attendance.


  • Karyn welcomed new members and asked for everyone to make introductions.  New members included Matt G., Marc, Craig, and Katie.
  • New Meeting Space: due to issues with our current venue, it was suggested that we explore new options for meeting space.  Maria suggested Palisades Center which has public meeting spaces, as well as New City and Nanuet Libraries.  She also offered her studio space in Garnerville.  We also discussed having more social and A&S outings in addition to our regular business meetings.  Alienor noted that Whyt Whey generally does quarterly meetings with an additional meeting prior to their Cloisters Demo, which is this Sunday, 9/30.
  • Officer Reports:
    • MOAS – Sara advised that we had done several projects including making favors for Queen Caoilfhionn and for Princess Vienna, as well as participating in the largesse donation project for Trimaris.
    • Exchequer – no change in funds, all still held in the Ostgardr account.
    • Webminister – updated on transition to Google for Non-Profits, discussed upcoming Social Media policy and availability of Hangouts Meet for videoconferencing.
    • Chatelaine – discussed new members including Matt G. who is now a paid member, as well as discussing how demo with Clarkstown Parks was obtained, as well as upcoming classes in the winter and spring and calls for volunteers for these classes.
    • Seneschal – officer reports were submitted on time.  Noted Trimaris largesse donations.  Updated on upcoming demo on 10/6, timing for us is from 10AM-2PM.
  • Name Change Vote – final review of proposal, memberships of those present was verified via census or blue card.  Name change was passed 11-1.  Voting members were Matt J., Sara, Maria, Karyn, Craig, Katie, Stacey, Amelia, Francesca, Richard, Marc, and Matt G.
  • Call for letters of intent for Exchequer – Amelia’s term is expiring and requests for letters of intent to be submitted by 10/10 to Karyn, either via postal mail (address published in Pikestaff) or via email.  Letters will be published to the website by 10/14, with a vote at the October Business Meeting on 10/24.  Change in office will be effective as of 11/1.
  • Next business meeting is set for Wednesday, October 24.  Venue TBD.
  • Matt J. asked for a round of applause to thank Amelia for her long and capable service as Exchequer.
  • Alienor had asked if we intended to release the currently-registered arms if the new submission is passed and approved.  The general consensus was to retain the old device as it does form a significant element of our group history.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:03PM.

Minutes by Herr Matthias von Würzburg, Deputy Seneschal