October 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

The October business meeting was held on Wednesday, October 24 at the New City Library in New City.

Officers present:  Karyn (Seneschal), Sara (MOAS), Richard (Chatelaine), Amelia (Exchequer) and Matt J. (Webminister).

Others present:  Francesca, Katie, Craig, Matt G., Marc, Stacey, Kevin, and Mark.

Meeting came to order at 7:30PM.

First order of business was officer reports:

  • Webminister – new website design has begun for when name change is approved.  We will need to work to get administration of public Facebook transferred to active members.
  • MOAS – upcoming sessions – 11/1 webinar for the A&S office open house, and a hood-making workshop on 11/15.  In addition our largesse contributions were handed over to Kingdom at Coronation.  Amelia also made and donated 12 scroll savers.
  • Chatelaine – wrap-up from the 10/2 demo, good publicity for group.  We acquired a few new prospective members from the demo as well.  Discussed upcoming classes with Clarkstown, details were in the flyer.
  • Exchequer – no change in funds held in trust by Ostgardr.
  • Seneschal – discussed possible event venues including Street School now that we have a working relationship with Clarkstown, also possibility of the Pascack Community Center even though there are concerns with the kitchen.

Signatures from all paid members were then collected for the paperwork to request the formal name and device change.  Signatories were Karyn, Sara, Matt J., Francesca, Amelia, Craig, Katie, Stacey, Richard, Marc, and Matt G.

The date of the next meeting was discussed, possibly in early December due to the upcoming holidays, but no decision at the current time.  Dates TBA.  Discussed social meetings for the group as well as A&S meetings upcoming.

Only one candidate submitted a letter of intent for the Exchequer’s office, being Francesca.  Given some residency concerns, a waiver was requested and received from both the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer.  The vote was then held by voice, with unanimous consent.  Voting members were Karyn, Sara, Matt J., Amelia, Craig, Katie, Stacey, Richard, Marc, and Matt G.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:55PM.